Experience , Trust + Transparency

35+years of experience in the world of dogs, I know there are a lot of choices when it comes to exhibiting your dog. I believe that each dog and client deserves a positive experience, transparency and affordability. To be able to offer confirmation, performance + field in one setting, streamlines the process of getting a well balanced dog.


As a young girl, Ginny Kincer has enjoyed the sport of exhibiting purebred dogs. She was first introduce to the world of dogs by her grandparents Bill and Anne Lindsay (Chez Bonheur Kennels) who had a love for Basset Hounds.


The experience I can offer is one that each dog feels like they are at home. It is very important to me to make sure the dogs are comfortable in order to give their best. For this reason I do not take on a lot of client dogs but enough to make going to a show affordable for my clients. 

I just don't go to a show to make money; I expect results. 

TOP 10 Golden Retriever* Mutl BISS GCHS. Passion Powderhorn Only Game in Town DN DJ SDHF, NASH is handled and co-owned by Ginny Kincer, owned by Cindy Price, bred by Heike Stroup. For information on Nash, stud contract or questions, click here.

*CC Stats 2019 August


Handling Fee: $75 (effective November 1st there will be an increase to $90)
Large grooming breeds: $115-$140 (Poodles, Giants, Airedale, etc.)
Independent specialties: $200
Concurrent specialties: $175 (if showing in regular show, otherwise $200)
Sweepstakes in conjunction with Specialty: $100
National Specialties : $1500 (this includes handling, board, expenses)
Westminster, AKC Invitational and Montgomery: Rates upon request

Ring side pick up: $100 (Assessment of dogs is required before actual show. If grooming is necessary, a rate of $75/hr will be charged).

BIS: $600
RBIS: $300
Group 1: $150
Group 2: $125
Group 3: $100
Group 4: $75
National BISS: $1000
BISS: $250
BPIS: $200
Puppy Group: $50
Puppy Placements: $25


Weekly Conditioning

Pending the incoming conditioning of the dog. Most dogs are charged $55/week.This rate will be clarified upon initial consultation.


All show expenses will be divided among all client dogs traveling equally.

A $750 retainer is required for all new clients.
Breeding fees are $75 per breeding plus daily board of $25 for bitches into be bred.

All Vet expenses are the responsibility of the client.

Any special grooming products or special diets requested or necessary are clients responsibility. Otherwise dogs will be:

  • Fed Royal Canin formula.  

    • I do include some raw elements the diet. Such as: blueberries, bananas, kale, organ meat and bone broth.

  • Conditioner used daily is GRO PRO/Mane n Tail

  • Weekly maintenance baths are in The Barker

Atlanta/Nashville/Knoxville Airport or Vet Trip pick up & delivery $150

We accept Cash, check, and PayPal (Transaction fees may apply pending the payment method)

RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. All current clients will be notified when new rates will be in effect. Otherwise rates will be reflected on this page.


Field Training

Cindy Price provides field training for hunt tests and WC/WCX competition.

Field Rates